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Punch press


Punch press can be used to create any size and shape feature or part from metal sheets. From simple items to complex items. It is best suited for custom enclosures, cabinet metal brackets, front panels, boxes, etc.


We have a variety of punch presses and CNC punches to handle any sheet metal or perforated metal project. Whether it be punching holes, perforating metals, louvering or notching, We can create your final sheet metal fabrication or sheet metal stamping project to your exact specifications.

Our punch presses ranging in capacity from 10 to 130 tons. We can punch up to 1/4″ carbon steel sheets and up to 10 gauge stainless steel sheets. We can process sheets up to 50″ x 144″ with our large Amada CNC punches. Our CNC punching machines can also produce parts with blemish free punched edges, eliminating the need for further finishing.